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The following form is to be used only if you are a reseller of RealPro. If you are simply looking to add additional accounts and are not a reseller, please be sure to use our Add Accounts form.

Reseller Information: (The information required below is your information, not that of your client. As a reseller, we have no dealings with your client at all. The only information we need concerning your client, is their domain name.)

*Reseller Name: (your name)
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Payment Information: RealPro  will debit your credit card on file for the amount due with this account setup and activation.

Your Customer's Information:

Please Note: As a Reseller for RealPro, it is your responsibility to transfer your client's domain name to our servers. If you are a new Reseller, we will be happy to assist you through your first few submissions, however, after that it will be your responsibility.

Your Customer's Domain:  
(please include the extension, such as .com, .net or .org)

What would you like for the username to be for this account?

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Please be sure to fill out this form and submit it to us. Your credit card on file will be charged an additional $25 for 1 year's registration. If you wish to register the name for more than one year, please be sure to indicate this on the registration form.

Please do not register this domain name.

Is your domain name being transferred? 

As a reseller you are responsible for all domain transfers for your clients. You will need to contact the domain name registrar and make sure they update the DNS to the following:

Primary Server Hostname: ns1.wfdns.com
Primary Server Netaddress:

Secondary Server Hostname: ns2.wfdns.com
Secondary Server Netaddress:

Additional Comments:

Important: Please be sure that your clients fully understand and accept our Terms Of Service Agreement. Not only must you comply with these rules as a Web Feat client, but your clients must as well.

All submissions will be processed within 24 hours. At this point you will be given information by Web Feat that will allow your clients to begin uploading to their new server. Once InterNic completes their registration or transferal, your client will be fully setup. Completion for new domains is currently 24-48 hours; for domain transfers, expect 3-5 days, possibly longer if InterNic is backlogged or if it is right after a holiday weekend.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems with this form.